Solid Travel Sets

Made in Italy

Commitment to Sustainability

Designed for brief vacation stays and weekend getaways, Nudo's Travel Essentials Sets advocate for sustainable tourism, fostering positive change across diverse industries, including hotel facilities, airlines, trains and cruise ships.

Nudo's Travel Sets are thoughtfully multi-functional, providing versatility while promoting the reduction of water and waste.

Discover a variety of compact solid body care products, including solid shampoo, body wash, face cleanser, or shaving bar.

As the call for conscientious and responsible travel continues to rise among travelers, our sets are tailored to meet this demand.

solid products

Our Travel Essentials comprises a selection of either six or four small solid products for personal hygiene and body care.

Their compact and lightweight design, coupled with space efficiency, simplifies packing and reduces environmental impact.

Solid Travel Set of 6

Solid Intimate Cleanser
Solid Shaving Bar
Solid Makeup Remover
Hand Soap
Solid Shampoo & Conditioner
Solid Body Wash

Solid Travel Set of 4

Hand Soap
Solid Intimate Cleanser
Solid Makeup Remover
Solid Shaving Bar


Nudo's solid products are of the highest quality, crafted with natural ingredients in Italy, with each one weighing 15 grams.

As with the entire Nudo line, their natural, plastic-free, and vegan composition reflects our ethical principles.


Each solid bar can be divided into two portions, with 15 g transforming into monodoses of 7.5 g each, thus contributing to a zero waste approach in product packaging and consumption.

Natural Colours

Every solid product is assigned a unique natural color to differentiate it from one another.

We believe in the power of nature.

We believe in plastic-free oceans.

We believe every step toward a sustainable future counts.

Out of love for your body and our planet.

- nūdo -

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We are happy to provide you with tailored information and an offer that aligns with your individual requirements.


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