Reforesting Tanzania

In collaboration with

Forest Nation

In the Eastern and Western Usambara Mountain Ranges, heavy deforestation has ruined the livelihoods of many locals. This is where we, in collaboration with Forest Nation, have chosen to start planting.

In times of climate change, planting trees does have a positive impact on the environment. More important though is its significant social impact.

Positive Change

• by closing the inequality gap, offering employment to 200 women year-round and up to 800 women seasonally.

• by providing seedlings to families to plant on their farms. Once they mature, they produce a regular harvest, yielding food and potential income.


• by growing fruit trees in school backyards through the “Green Schools” Program, empowering students to learn about horticulture and botany. The food grown provides an additional source of nutrition.

• by cultivating 100 mature fruit-bearing trees, $700 of income will result for Tanzanian growers and yield 10 tons of oxygen per year.


• by absorbing approximately 2.50 tons of CO2 per year (per 100 mature fruit-bearing trees), you erase the CO2 footprint for 2 passengers taking a roundtrip flight from New York to Los Angeles.

• by planting 10,000 trees 10 hectares of land are reforested.


• by planting trees along riverbanks, which ensures a fresh water supply.

• by planting varieties that yield fruit, medicine and oil.

• by building community amongst village volunteers who foster brotherhood as they support tree planting activities and learn more about the environment.


• by enhancing natural resources that help farmers produce better crops.

• by attracting tourism with greener landscapes.


Native Trees

Fruit: Avocado, Peach, Loquat, Banana, Moringa, Olifera, Plum, Orange (12 – 18 month gestation to bear fruit).

Forest: Lavofia Caffra, Albizia Schimperiana, Croton Megalocapus, Makhamea Lutea, Pinus Patula, Cypress Lusitanica, Podocarpus Usambariansis, Leucaena, Croton Microsachers, East African Camphorwood (1 – 2 years to reach maturity)

To ensure high survival rates, each tree we grow is from the same forest—same macro climate, same soil, same ecosystem.

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