behind the scenes

Hi, nice to meet you!

I'm Marijam, the founder of nudo

German by birth, Italian at heart

I grew up in the Bavarian countryside, in a small village not far from Munich. I was raised, surrounded by enchanting nature.
After graduating college, my passion for Italian culture brought me to Rome, Italy, where I fell in love with the eternal city and decided to stay.


My interest in foreign culture inspired me to travel to different countries all over the world. In 2016 I moved to Bali, an Indonesian gem in the Indian Ocean where artifacts made of natural, raw materials would inspired me for future projects. I moved back to Italy, first Rome and a couple of years later to Milan where after over a year of research and planning, nudo came to life.

When I used to live in Rome I often had a hard time finding products with a low environmental impact, that were natural and plastic-free at the same time. Even "ecological" alternatives were often packed in plastic wrappers and were rather expensive. These peculiarities made and still make ecological products unattractive and unaffordable to the masses.

My idea was to create ecological alternatives that were high-quality, but at the same time affordable and not limited to a rich élite. I also wanted to give a new look to the echo image in general by making it more "sexy". The idea is to push the end user to make the best choice for the planet without giving up quality and affordability.


nudo like naked

nudo as a word per se to me sounds sonorous, beautiful and perfectly reflects the concept: nudo means naked in Italian which stands for pure, natural, going back to the roots. We all are nature made and so is the nudo line.

The way I now perceive the world has changed. Anything seems possible to me and the saying "everyone can make a difference" feels more true than ever. And this exactly what I am aiming at with nudo: to gradually encourage people living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Every little step counts and together we can make change happen!