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Nudo's transparent paper packaging

When it comes to our packaging, it is a hands-on trial & error process. Every material has different characteristics, so does paper. Before we started our initial product development, we had no idea how many different types of paper exist: kraft, glassine, recycled, stone paper and so on.

nudo nature made_packaging in the makingnudo nature made _ packaging

For our packaging we opted for transparent paper. Its beautiful translucent material lets the products inside shine through. It almost resembles plastic - just way more beautiful, clean and harmless for our environment.

Every grammage has specific characteristics. A light 100gr paper reacts differently than a 200gr paper when cutting, folding, glueing and transporting.

To make sure our ideas work we create prototypes. We start designing die cuts, hand cut the sheets of paper, fix them with glue and if we see it is not working we start all over again.

nudo nature made_semi transparent paper packagingnudo nature made_paper packaging

Touching the materials we work with, holding the finished product, gives us a glimpse of what it could look like. An old school approach, ideal for our very new experiences.

Discovering new ways of packaging, avoiding plastic wherever possible is crucial for shifting towards a sustainable economy. Plastic has an end-of-cycle life, meaning it can only be recycled a certain amount of times.

Paper packaging can not only be recycled, but when it accidentally finishes in nature, it will degrade with time.

Find out more about our natural materials and our conscious philosophy

nudo paper packaging - toothbrush


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