Debut at Douglas

Our young indie brand nudo nature made debuts at Douglas

Just a few months after the official launch of our green start-up, nudo has made its way to Douglas Germany. Starting April 7th 2021, nudo’s eco-friendly body care accessories are available on the beauty giant’s online shop. “Every step counts”! This is what we aim to communicate with our offering of natural and plastic-free body care products, from reusable cotton make-up removal pads to bamboo toothbrushes.


A great result for nudo nature made after barely six months:

the nudo team has signed a contract with Douglas, one of the largest German perfumery chains, guaranteeing nationwide distribution on their online shop with our whole range of products. Our young label, first launched in October 2020, is thus getting closer to our goal: taking a step towards a more environmentally conscious lifestyle with natural, plastic-free, vegan and eco-friendly products.

In the pursuit of innovation and quality, young, independent brands like us are now getting attention from large corporations such as Douglas.  The nudo team is thrilled that such a large perfumery chain is now focusing on clean and indie beauty brands like nudo nature made – this indeed we consider a huge opportunity.

More than ever we see environmentally friendly products are the future: this applies to the smallest products - such as natural body care accessories like ours - as well as to larger categories like hybrid cars and renewable energy: every sector of the economy now offers environmentally friendly alternatives. Future and sustainability have to be thought of together. Sustainability nowadays is no longer "grey and dusty". Sustainability is fun and provokes positive sensations.


Starting April 7th 2021 the following nudo products can be found on

Bamboo cotton buds, washable make-up remover pads, konjac sponge with activated charcoal powder, bamboo toothbrushes (for children & adults), bamboo comb, bamboo nail brush with vegan sisal bristles and a loofah pad for body scrubs. In addition, various product combinations compose our 3 elegant sets: nudo Starter Kit (almost the complete line), Skin Essentials (a selection of products for your skin’s well-being) and Bamboo Essentials (our complete bamboo products selection).

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