Creativity for Tolerance

A collaboration of nudo with the artist Miriam Panieri
In order to promote inclusion, this year on November 16th nudo is dedicating a piece of art to the International Tolerance Day
Our young Milanese label has inclusivity at its core. nudo like the Italian word for naked. naked like when we are born: pure, natural, without prejudices and tolerant. Only later when we get formed and influenced by society, communities, social roles or cultural heritage, we start dividing, thinking of “us” and “them”.
nudo nature made & Miriam Panieri - Tolerance Day
Originally the International Tolerance Day goes back to November 1995 when the member states of the UNESCO declared their Principles on Tolerance, fostering mutual understanding amongst cultures and people. Nowadays on the 16th of November the world is being reminded of acceptance and respect, both essential human rights.
Miriam Panieri_nudo nature made_art for tolerance
For this occasion, nudo collaborated with the Italian artist Miriam Panieri who, through her illustration, shows what inclusivity is all about. The artist describes her work as "a medium to unite art and a social cause, including the important ecological awareness." The young illustrator further explains: "I thought of different individuals in front of a mirror, an object in which we anxiously notice our own flaws rather than those of others. A mirror to which at the end of the day we turn free of make-up, but in our most natural form. I recalled the famous note on car mirrors objects in mirror are closer than they appear. So I rethought differences, which in my opinion come hand in hand with tolerance."
Apart from the ecological commitment, supplying eco-friendly alternatives for plastic accessories, our brand nudo nature made is about uniting. A brand for everyone, without boundaries, countries, religions or gender.

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