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Written by Ettore Benigni

Nūdo Nature Made brand founder Marijam Bieber: "We offer plastic-free, vegan products that are sustainably packaged. And we want them to be aesthetically attractive and affordable."

Sustainability must be attractive to consumers and affordable for everyone. These are the principles around which Nūdo Nature Made was born, the brand of natural, plastic-free, vegan body care products characterised by sustainable packaging founded by Marijam Bieber. In this interview, she recounts the evolution of the project: "Our aim," she explains, "is to bring to the market alternatives to products that already exist without ever using plastic - because we all understand how much damage it can cause to our planet. We aim to give consumers a green alternative, because we believe that if everyone makes a small change in their daily routine, important results can be achieved".

What is the story behind Nūdo Nature Made?
The idea was born from having developed at some point in my life a keen sensitivity to the environmental impact and the footprint we leave with each of our activities, even the smallest. In 2016, when I was living in Bali, I discovered that during the winter that area is affected by particularly strong currents, which drag huge amounts of plastic onto the beaches
Nudo nature made - eco-conscious body care - founder Marijam
The impact of this phenomenon was huge and shocked me, it gave me the measure of how big the problem of plastic pollution is.

When I returned to live in Europe, in order to lower my environmental impact, I committed myself to looking for sustainable products, and I realised that it was not so easy to find them. Especially a few years ago, when the subject was not yet fashionable. So, from a personal need, the idea of filling this gap was born.

What principles did you draw inspiration from when creating Nūdo Nature Made?
The initial realisation was that eco-friendly products were niche, very expensive. My goal instead was to bring them as close as possible to the masses, or at least to a significant number of end consumers, who could be attracted by the features of the products and also by their packaging, which can be 'sexy' without using plastic. The aim, in practice, is to win over even those who had not previously paid attention to sustainability in their purchasing choices, bringing environmentally friendly products out of the hidden corners of the shelves.

How did the journey continue?
In 2019, I started to focus more consistently on the Nūdo Nature Made project, until I realised that it could no longer be an activity to run alongside another job. So I resigned and dedicated myself full-time to this project. I prepared the whole line for a year and a half, it was particularly difficult to take care of the packaging and find original solutions that did not involve the use of plastics. The first line came out in 2020, with the products available online, and shortly afterwards we launched collaborations with various partners for distribution in physical and online shops. Today in Italy we are distributed on digital channels and in physical shops, from Douglas to OVS, from Coin to GreenPea in Turin. Abroad, we are mainly in the e-commerce of Douglas in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands, and in several physical shops.
Is there a prevalence of the younger generation among your customers?

Certainly young people are more oriented towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. But our goal is to be more and more in physical shops, so that people of all cultural backgrounds and ages can touch our products, smell them and even recognise them in order to be able to search for them online as well. In any case, most of our customers today are in the 19-35 age group.

Which of Nūdo's products do customers appreciate the most?
Nudo nature made - solid face cleanser and makeup remover made in italy

We have a product that is our absolute best seller, made in Italy thanks to the work of Italian craftsmen: our solid make-up remover and face cleanser. 

It looks like a soap, but it is not, because it has a very low Ph: it is a small 80 gram disk that is equivalent to two 250 ml bottles of a product with the same characteristics.

What are your plans for the future of Nūdo Nature Made?

We operate in a field that has great potential, because sustainability has not yet firmly entered the body care sector. That is why we are committed to looking around and seizing all opportunities that arise to get our message across, that of respecting the environment and eliminating plastic, including when it comes to disposable products.

How was the collaboration with the Sorgenia Greeners born?
We got in touch through a series of fortunate coincidences. Once I understood how the Greeners* community was organised, I didn't hesitate for a moment to participate. It's a programme that highlights the attention the company pays to its customers and the values it wants to offer them, encouraging them to make the best choices not only for their own business, but also for the planet: an approach very similar to ours.

*The Sorgenia community consists of people who care about the environment in their daily choices and aim to reduce their impact.

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