Nudo's Sustainable Travel Sets

Redefining Eco-Friendly Practices Across Industries

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, the travel industry is undergoing a transformative shift towards sustainability. Nudo's Travel Essentials Sets epitomize this ethos, offering a holistic approach to eco-friendly travel across various sectors, from hotels and night trains to long-distance flights.

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Advancing Sustainable Tourism Across Sectors

Nudo's Travel Essentials Sets transcend mere convenience; they embody a philosophy of sustainable tourism. Whether you're a guest in a hotel, a passenger on a train, or a traveler on a long-haul flight, our sets advocate for environmentally responsible practices that benefit both individuals and the planet.

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Exploring Nudo's Travel Essentials

Our Travel Essentials Sets consist of a curated selection of six or four compact solid products for personal hygiene and body care. From solid shampoo and solid conditioner to solid intimate cleanser and solid shaving bars, each item is meticulously formulated with natural ingredients and packaged without plastic, aligning with our dedication to sustainability. Each solid bar can be divided into two portions, with 15 g transforming into monodoses of 7.5 g each, thus contributing to a zero waste approach in product packaging and consumption.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industries
Hotels and B&Bs

With guests increasingly prioritizing sustainability, offering eco-friendly amenities like Nudo's Travel Essentials Sets can differentiate your establishment. These sets not only minimise waste but also elevate the guest experience with premium, natural products. By incorporating our sets into your hotel's offerings, you can elevate your sustainability ranking and appeal to environmentally conscious travelers.

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Night Trains

Limited space and resources make trains ideal candidates for sustainable solutions like Nudo's Travel Essentials. By providing passengers with eco-conscious toiletries, train operators can promote responsible travel while enhancing customer satisfaction. 

Cruise Ships

Cruise ships can benefit greatly from Nudo's solid travel essentials. With limited storage space and a focus on minimising waste, our compact and lightweight sets are an ideal solution. By offering passengers sustainable toiletries, cruise lines can enhance the guest experience while reducing their environmental footprint. 

Long-Distance Flights
Eco-friendly travel sets for long distance flights_sustainable tourismAirlines committed to reducing their environmental footprint can benefit from partnerships with brands like Nudo. Our Travel Essentials Sets offer passengers a sustainable alternative to conventional toiletries, enabling airlines to meet their eco-goals while catering to traveler preferences.


Quality, Convenience, and Sustainability

At Nudo, quality and sustainability go hand in hand. Our solid products are meticulously crafted in Italy using the finest natural ingredients, ensuring a premium experience for travelers across all sectors. Our Travel Essentials Sets exemplify the harmonious blend of quality, convenience, and sustainability.


Driving Change, One Journey at a Time

Whether you're a hospitality provider, a transportation operator, or an aviation executive, embracing sustainable travel practices is essential for the future of the industry. By incorporating eco-friendly amenities like Nudo's Travel Essentials Sets, you're not only responding to evolving consumer preferences but also contributing to a healthier planet. Join us in our mission to redefine travel by prioritizing sustainability, journey by journey.



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