Our Philosophy

Conscious beauty

Nature Made

A natural product line, born out of an appreciation of nature, its purity and simplicity. Nudo offers selected body care products, that are created with attention to detail & dedication to quality.

natural & inclusive

Natural & Inclusive

At Nudo we believe nature offers all we need. Going back to the origins, only working with organic raw materials, allows us to create pure and clean products. In order to become a more sustainable society, we believe that these products should be accessible to all.



Born out of love for nature, Nudo focuses on fast re-growing materials in order to be harmless to the planet. We know we are not perfect, still we believe nudo is a step towards the right direction.

plastic free

Plastic Free

In the last ten years, more plastic has been produced than in the entire previous century. Half of these items are considered disposable. Plastic is a highly durable material, difficult to destroy, with a short recycling lifespan.

Nudo exclusively chooses natural alternatives, because our impact on the environment matters.



It is important to us at Nudo to be 100% cruelty free. We do not test neither Nudo skin care products nor any other products on animals.

Instead of animal products like boar bristles, Nudo choses sisal fibre, deriving from the succulent plant Agave Sisalana.


Transparency in Supply Chain

We at Nudo are committed to operating ethically and to meet our social responsibilities. This is why we selectively choose our factories,  making sure they meet the highest standards of qualifications in terms of ethical and environmental monitoring. We are ECOVADIS Platinum, ISO9001, ISO14001 and SA8000 certified. Our manufacturing partners are in Italy, Portugal, Austria, Turkey and China.

it's a start

It’s a Start

We will continuously put an effort to evolve Nudo, to grow and to challenge ourselves to improve. Creating positive change is what we are passionate about, yet we know there is always a way to do better.

Take a look at our Transparency Report to discover more.

We believe in the power of nature.

We believe in plastic-free oceans.

We believe every step toward a sustainable future counts.

Out of love for your body and our planet.

- nūdo -